Our second month summed up

We’ve had a fun second month, covered 8 states in the US and visited some wonderful places.  We had highs and lows but through it all we learned a bunch and that is what’s important. We’ve also met some fabulous people along the way, reaffirming how great cruisers are, but we already knew this!

We hope you enjoy our recap. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian family and friends. We live in one great country and have so much to be thankful for.

PS: if you want to see the best quality pic for the video, choose the flower icon next to the CC on the menu bar, along the bottom of the video and change quality to 1080p.

Author: tess

We, Al my husband, Filbert my cat and I, sailed our 37-foot Tartan to the Caribbean from Newfoundland in 2016-2017. We documented it on our blog, greatbigsail.com Today I continue to write about sailing, improve my photography skills, practice graphic design and dream about sailing.

18 thoughts on “Our second month summed up”

  1. Wonderful video sista! It’s wonderful to see the sailing life from your perspective.
    The New York footage was really striking.
    It’s a rainy Saturday morning here. Me and the Puddin Head are hanging out
    enjoying a fire and having a cappuccino made on my new Breville! Andy is playing tennis.
    Miss you tons but its obvious from your posts that life is as good as it gets for you guys.
    XOX Chan, Andy and the Pud

    1. Hey Sista! So good to hear from you. Filly says hi to Puddin Head 😻

      That’s sound like a pretty sweet setting, in your gorgeous home. I miss you too but we really are having fun.

      I guess when I get back you’re going to whoop me in tennis. Not much practice ops here on the boat. 😋

      Great big hug to Andy. Xoxo from Al, me and Filly B

  2. Tess,
    I enjoyed watching your video so much, looks like you’re kept busy.
    Al still has his head of curly hair, Filbert looks like he’s having a ball.
    Miss you lots,
    Mom, typed by Ger

    1. Hi Mom, thanks for writing us, we love getting your comments. Yes, Al’s hair is getting pretty long but I like it! Filly is a great sailor kitty and I love having him with me. We miss you too and will talk soon! Tess, Al & Fillybear

  3. Hello, and Happy Thanksgiving to all Ingomar crew. Just watcing your video of month 2 for my 3rd time today. Im so happy to be sharing your year long life journey via video.like Feeling your sense of calm and relax while i watch and listen to your music is both soothing and reassuring that in this life anything is possible when you dream big!!!
    Love to all, xoxoxo

    1. Hello Sylvia! Happy Thanksgiving and nice to hear from you. We feel pretty fortunate these days. Thanks for writing and sharing in the dream. XOXO from the crew of Ingomar.

  4. Enjoyed watching the video of your second month. Great job on the camera! Loved seeing New York. We sailed in and out of there on a cruise ship a few years ago. We were amazed that we were the only ones on deck at 5 am on a chilly December morning. Go figure! Keep those videos coming. Happy Thanksgiving and smooth sailing.
    Carol Burke

    1. Hi Carol! Isn’t it the best city to see by water? And having the view all to yourself must have been awesome! Great to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Sitting here in my tiny, cozy flat in St. John’s, NL Canada (after a brisk hike up the Signal hill trail) on Thanksgiving day. I’m feeling there is just nothing more in my wonderful, loved-filled life I could be thankful for and THEN more blessings. A wonderfully, well-timed message from the lovely, healthy, stressfree faces of the crew of Ingomar. The NYC sail pass was very cool and I agree with Ger Murpy bout the Canadian flag with Lady Liberty in the background. Great touch. Isn’t it amazing how you fall into a routine so easily after such a huge change in your life? Just shows how adapable we are and why we should be open to new adventures, it’s intrinsic. Some brave soul decided to sail across a big pond and we are the here because of it. You just never know what the result of leaving your comfort zone will be. I think only positive things. Miss you all terribly but your happiness trumps that melancholy. No mole though boo! Happy Thankingiving Ingomar crew. xxoo

    1. Hey Jac and Murph! Love your notes, you should be blogging.

      No kidding about how fortunate we all are. Stress free for sure; everyone should be able to take a year off. It certainly puts things into perspective. We all adapt and it might surprise people how easy it is to shrug off old ways and adopt new ones.

      I was going to do a mole but haven’t had the chance. Might whip one up for our sail south.

      As always thanks for the great notes. We miss you too but it’s great to be able to stay in touch.

      Happy thanksgiving and XOXO

  6. Love following your travels. Watched this video over morning coffee while my Thanksgiving turkey is roasting in the oven. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and looking forward to the next update on your #greatbigsail. Stay safe.

  7. OK just looked at your video for month 2…..I noticed you took my earlier advise and included a Google Map. That was fast!
    I often wondered what Al would do with all his time. Now I know. LOL…..I always said AL had the cleanest engine around! And now for some feel good news for you Snowswans: Edmonton had snow last night……winter is coming! Head south….

    1. Snow already! Oh dear.

      Yeah, I too wondered what Al would do but there’s always something to do on a sailboat! No problem to keep busy but there’s also lots of down time. It’s a good balance!

      We are heading due south very soon! Cheers from Al, Filbert and me. 😊

  8. AFT,

    Happy thanksgiving to my favourite sailing sister and crew.
    I enjoyed your video, esp liked the photo with the Canadian flag in the foreground and the Statue of Liberty in the background.
    “Our day will come”is a perfect song to accompany your video.
    Love you guys, am thankful for all of blessings, esp sisters.👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

  9. Awesome Video Tess.Happy thanksgiving to you Al and Filbert.Canada is celebrating the Blue Jay’s moving on to the next round of the play-offs .

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