Recipe – Callallo Soup & Accra

Callaloo Soup

There are no measurements with this recipe, it is a general guide that outlines the ingredients and the schedule for it to be assembled.

Chopped veggies
Tarot root
Green plantains
Wash and peel the veggies and cut them into similar size pieces. Boil the tarot, plantains and yam for 15 mins.

Make Dumplings
Sprinkle of salt
Using a 2:1 ration of flour to cornmeal and mix in salt to taste. Add enough water for them to bind together and then roll into small spherical and oblong shapes to match the size of the veggies.

Add the dumplings to the pot with the Carrot and Potato.

Add cooked chicken
Prepare fried chicken before hand, using small drums, bone in. Add to the pot.

Add seasoning
Seasoning peppers
Chop seasoning peppers and garlic and add to the pot.

Chop dasheen greens and add to the pot.

Add smoked salted pork that has been chopped into small pieces.

Add spices for flavouring:
Curry powder
All Purpose Seasoning

Add coconut milk (used canned) or make your own using
3 brown coconuts, grate the pulp, add water and let sit for several hours and strain.

Serve in bowls ensuring each bowl contains a sample of all the ingredients.
Best served in calabash bowls and eaten on a beach with friends!


Fresh Jack fish or any white fish
Fillet and marinate for one hour with garlic, lime juice, chopped onion and salt.
Chop into small pieces.

Place in a bowl with diced seasoning peppers, celery and green onions

Add salt, 2-3 cloves of minced garlic, diced onions.

Sprinkle baking powder over mixture, about a tablespoon.

Add hot sauce for flavour.

Add a little flour and water and mix. Be mindful of the consistency, making sure the batter is not too stiff or watery. It should drop from the spoon into the hot oil easily but not pour.

Slow the fire – if your oil is too hot remove the pan from the heat to slow the batter from boring.

Cook until golden.

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