Filbert the Cat’s Turn

Filbert has been reflecting on his past year, living on a boat. Overall, I think he liked it more than not. He loved being with us 24/7 ….

Excuse me but now it’s my turn. Hi, I’m Filbert the cat. You all know me as that cute, furry tuxedo who stole the show on our greatbigsail. I think it’s time for me to take a turn at blogging and let you know what cruising is really like from a feline perspective.

I was actually cruising along quite well in my own way. I lived in a lovely house, on a quiet street, with my cat tower and 45 of my other favourite spots to sleep, when all of a sudden I was whisked away (I kid you not) and thrown on a boat. There was no warning, (OK there may have been some indications but I was sleeping) and all of a sudden it’s water, water everywhere.

With little time to adjust I did what any fine feline would do in my situation, I sulked a little, tried to look a little under the weather and pulled the pity chain. They fell for it hook, line and anchor! My strategy may have backfired a little however because I got fat, but once they wizened to my tricks we all got back on track.

Sailing, is it really all these two rave about? There are definitely plusses, like loads of treats and having these two with me 24/7. There’s also no snow and lots of sunning opportunities. I get to be outside all the time and I even slept outside every night I was away. There was a lot to see, like fish. We had this crazy flying dude come into the cockpit late one night and when I tried to say hello he freaked out and made a huge commotion. There were also lots of birds, but they’re a lot bigger than the ones in my long lost backyard so I let them be. I almost got into a fight with a swan! What a drama queen. I was pretty partial to the brown boobies in St. Barts. I also got brushed almost every day, and that almost made it worthwhile, And there were many other boats, with lots of visitors who were nice to me. Sometimes they were allergic. I’m not entirely sure what that means but I made sure I sat on them just to make them feel better 🙂 It usually got quite a reaction so I guess it was the right thing to do. The boat had lots of hidden places too, that I could hide out and some very nice sleeping spots, but more boxes would have been nice.

Catering a la St. Pieere
I smell Land!
Daredevil offshore
A day’s work done
My Grumpy Cat impersonation
I drives the Boat
Out for a stroll

But let’s not lose our heads because there were some negatives and, unlike these two, I have a much clearer picture of them (they see the world through rose coloured glasses). There was a very loud noise, kind of like a big purr down below. But gradually I got used to it and didn’t even notice it. There was no grass to eat. OK, they did grow me some but it was in a bag, and tasted funny. And those birdbrains didn’t bring enough of my favourite food so I had to eat some unfamiliar bites. But in the end it turned out to be not so bad. At times it became difficult to walk, everything was all tippy, but I always had my cozy spot under the dodger. And of course there was water and waves, everywhere. I like poking my nose around the dodger to help smell for land but one time a huge wave smacked me in the face just as I looked around the corner. I’ve since become quite the expert at dodging them. I did get seasick one time, or maybe it was a fur ball. That was no fun at all. And they wanted me to wear a jacket, but like any cat worth their salt, I refused.

I guess overall it was a pretty great way to live. I might even consider it again, if they take enough food this time, have more boxes on board, get a small lawn and get me that hammock they were always talking about.

Sailor Filly
Sleeper Peeper
Sun Tanning Cat Style