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  1. Hi,
    Just saw your blog while researching carbon fiber masts. I am in Halifax but have a 44 ft Tartan in Tortola and need a new rig. Would like to discuss your experience with CF mast, pros and cons, if you have time. I don’t see too many negatives so far except for $$$.

    Cheers and thanks for the stories.

    1. Hi Garth, thanks for writing. We’d be happy to share any tips or insights with you. Rigs may be harder to come by these days with hurricane damage. We’ll get in touch via email. Best, Tess and Al

  2. Hey guys.

    I trust the journey has been every bit as much of the adventure you thought it would be.

    Happy New Year!

    Brian and Glenda

    1. Hey guys! Happy New year back at you two as well. It’s been quite the adventure so far and I gotta say we like it, a lot. We’ll have a cold glass when we get back and tell you both about it 😜

  3. Well, Al. Looks like you found the right partner to make your dream happen. So happy for you my friend and ,yes, just a little green with envy. Terry sends hugs journey.
    PS. Love the topless Al photos, Tess.

    1. Hi Debbie and Terry. Great to hear from you! Still have good memories from our trip in Desolation Sound. Thanks for sending us a note! πŸ˜€ happy new year to you both.

  4. Hey guys, we tried sending you a message a few times but for some reason it didn’t get to you! wow the blog has been fantastic! The pictures of the BVI’s are bringing back some fond memories for us especially the Soggy Dollar bar! You have a great crew! Me miss you guys and hope you continue to have an awesome journey! Say hi to our South African friends in Sopers Hole ! Stay safe! Ken & Carol- CP -Relentless

    1. Hi Carol and Ken! Great to hear from you and sorry to hear we didn’t get messages. We’ve been to Sopers a bunch times now; still good provisioning there. Thres a new sailors bar there, pretty cute! It’s much busier here than we’re used to in BVIs, but I guess it’s the time of year. Still beautiful all the same! Hope you’re both well. Cheers from the crew😊

  5. Hey Seapeople. Been reading the latest and greatest from BVI’s, I guess you could say the second phase has begun!! Sounds like it’ll be a rough couple of months ahead for you….aaah yes I can envision it now: get up in the morning and take a dip overboard, afterwards have breakfast before hauling anchor and cruising to the next bay. Drop anchor, laze around doing boat people stuff for a bit, take the dinghy into port and find some beachside cabana that serve exotically named drinks with mini-umbrellas in them, before heading back to the boat to watch the moonlit world pass you by……..yes bye, some rough!!!

    Meanwhile here in Sin City, the Sanity Clause parade gets cancelled because of the weather (RDF with sloppy snow and 80 klicks of wind thrown in for good luck)!!!! Keep the stories coming (makes me wish I had upped the offer by a couple of grand) and please please please no more topless shots of Al.

    1. 😝😝 you guys are hilarious! Sad for Santa and his minions. Yeah it’s pretty much like that except we do most of our drinking and eating on board. BVIs have gotten very expensive!
      Congrats on the house! Sounds like one step closer to ultimate freedom.
      Oh and Al will be topless again. Clothing sucks down here πŸ˜‰

  6. Al and Tess
    What an accomplishment the last leg was truely a great big sail! We are trying figure out where to put another 600 gallons of fuel aboard so we can make the run next year. We need 1500 gallons to make it or a sail.

    Steve and Cathy Chafe

    1. Thanks Steve and Cathy! It’s an awesome trip and I would recommend it! We carried 16 jerry cans, providing an extra 80 gallons and our tank capacity was 38 for a total around 120. We ended up using 50 gallons because the winds were so good. Many boaters carry extra fuel in case. Pull out your water tanks, buy a water maker and use them for fuel? You guys will figure it out. Look forward to seeing ya at latitude 18!

      1. This winter she is is getting a complete electronics upgrade everything from the hull to the top of the mast, electronically detuning the engine to increase efficiency and if santa is nice to me a new helm chair and water maker. We are looking at the maritimes for the summer, winter in a yard somewhere to get final preparations done and hopefully south from there. Be safe and keep the posts coming, we are all living vicariously through them.


  7. hey Tess and Al – hope you are having a blast – Jody and I just left your moms – she looked great! take care – hopefully see you on the return trip in Newport!!!

    1. Hey you two! Thanks for visiting my Mom, she loves you both. Definitely look forward to a rendezvous with you guys in Newport!

  8. Tks for the birthday wishes guys! I am following your coarse as you sail! Pretty cool! Nice to see my handsome prince at the helm with a big smile from ear to ear!

  9. Randy Cull from St.anthony,NL , met you at phill and Betty’s a couple of times, love your cruising plans and the fact that you met up with Mike and Jill.small world.took ownership of a Hunter 376 this fall,look forward to spending time at the retirement racket soon.All the best on your very interesting adventure.

    1. Hey Randy! Nice to hear from you and congrats on the Hunter. You’ll never look back 😊 it’s the perfect retirement plan. You know Jill and Mike? Awesome! Cheers and thanks for the note!

  10. Hi Tess,
    Wow, what an adventure!! Great pics & stories; some nice looking food treats as well… Still trying to figure out how you manage to keep that cat from going overboard. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Terry! Thanks we’re having a blast. Filbert went for a swim when he was much younger and has never forgotten about it. So he pretty much keeps in the boat because he knows what’s outside!

  11. Hi Guys, I’ve been following your BLOG weekly. It all sounds very exciting. This is definitely a journey I want to take on in a few years. I live in CBS (the hometown of your Yacht Club – RNYC) & will hopefully be getting my first sail boat soon. Until then I love reading about other peoples travels & experiences.

    Enjoy your journey & be safe.

    1. Hi Ty, Thanks for writing! We would have to say that the journey has been fun and we are leaning loads about sailing and cruising. And a huge bonus are the people you meet along the way. Good luck on your sailboat quest!

  12. Hey guys, just catching up on your news and pics! I truly do get lost in your site as I browse through! I guess if you never see a lobster pot it will be too soon!😁 The pics of the Cape Cod area and P Town took me back in time! I was very fortunate to spend many summer vacations in West Dennisport on the cape and Province Town was always one of my fav spots to hang! Kudos to the Ingomar crew, Fily being the star performer of course!😻 Home is definitely a state of mind and wherever the heart is! I am so on board with that one!
    New York next stop! You guys gotta to to Bar 54 at the Hyatt near Times Square! You are 54 stories up at a roof top bar with extensive views that stretch across Manhatten from the Hudson River to the East River! You will be in awe of the view! AMAZING!!!! Also check out 230 Fifth if you have the time,it’s another rooftop bar! Can’t wait to see those pics!

    Keep sailin’ and havin’ fun!

    1. Hey Carol & Wayne! We will be on the lookout for your spots, they sound fab. I’m hoping to go to Central Park, it’s my favourite spot! But whatever happens will be awesome. I didn’t know you knew PTown, we should have talked before. It’s a great place. Hope you guys are still sailing too. Cheers from the crew!

  13. Hi Tess Bet Showed me How t o Send You a message every Once in a While i pray for Yea Every day For God To Keep Yea Safe Miss You Lots Love yea Mom

  14. Love, love, love your pics guys! No doubt that Filbert has stolen the show! 😻 I see a beach in your last pic, are you near Cape Cod area now? The pic with Boston on the horizon is most welcoming to say the least! Dare I ask who forgot to tie on the dinghy? πŸ˜…

    1. Hey guys! We are in Provincetown, MA with lots of beaches, and it’s quite lovely here. The winds have been gusty so we put the anchor down and lolly-gagged a bit. Let’s just say it wasn’t Filbert who didn’t tie his knot well and you probably know it wasn’t Al. So… 😝

      Anywho, hope you’re well and awesome to hear from you!

  15. Hey guys,
    Just catching up on your where and whenabouts. Yes I am biased, but I love the Filbert pics. He is a born 2nd Mate.

    Phil says Hi, he’s still recovering from the summer.

    1. Hey Bet! Filly is by far, the most popular and cutest of the crew. He’s getting to enjoy his new lifestyle and he’s a natural. Hi to Phil, Captain and Gerleen! ❀️ From the crew.

  16. Hello from the Big Land! Just finished catching up on your website and we’re happy to hear your out of Halifax and on your way. Loved the video and we look forward to the next! Hoping for good weather and smooth travels! Cheers

    1. Hey guys! Weather is very summerish and warm and the further south we go, the long it stays that way. Thanks for the note. Cheers!

  17. Hey guys, we are all getting set to commence the Labour Day weekend celebrations and awards night in MA! You guys will be in our thoughts to say the least! How about some face time from the gang Sun night? Al you can text Wayne to set up a time!
    Let’s pull it off!
    Hope you get a break in the weather soon, or maybe you are underway already!

    1. Hey Carol and Wayne! We hope you all have a blast tonight and we miss you all! Wifi is difficult to get where we are so we can’t do a FaceTime but we’ll be thinking of you all and have a toast for the Crow Cruisers! Cheers, Tess and Al

      1. Hi Tess and Al,

        Hi from Johnstone’s former owners of “Together” , we just bought a Benteau 411 in Marblehead, Terry, Steve Decker and Ed O’Reilly are leaving Marblehead tomorrow morning…not sure if you guys will cross paths. We are planning to go to the Caribbean either next year or the year after. Safe Sailing! Kathy Johnstone

        1. Hi Kathy! Congratulations on your new boat, we can’t wait to see her. And also thanks for getting in touch. Al and I had heard that Terry was down here and we were going to try and get in touch with him but wifi has been spotty. We’d love to hook up with you guys in the Caribbean and share stories! We’re currently in Southwest Harbour, Maine, just north of Marblehead. Not sure if we will see the guys but we wish them a quick and uneventful delivery. Cheers, Tess and Al

  18. AFT,
    Well, sounds like Halifax was filled with unexpected hitches in your plan, but Ingomar is prob as tight as the .. Titanic, first came to mind, maybe not a good comparison.
    Imagine, having to make a reservation for a space on the harbour front, obviously a busy harbour. Is there a cost for occupying water space?
    Are you sporting a NL flag, is that how Greg knew you from there?
    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your exciting adventure, the photos of Filbert, or Pilfer, personally I think that would be more fitting, are funny and endearing.
    You’ll always remember your 4th anniversary. Now you’ll have to celebrate the remaining anniversaries in an equally memorable way.
    Love you.

    1. Yes I agree, every anniversary from hereon will have to celebrated like this one. πŸ˜„

      We are sporting a Canadian flag currently but the stern of Ingomar reads St. John’s, NL. We gave a republic of NL flag that will be flown too!

      Filly is adorkable as always and makes for great pics! Happy to have you come along. ❀️

  19. Hi Al and Tess, We miss you guys!! Tess, we raced last week and missed you on the crew! The blog is awesome… you are a pro! Al is doing an amazing job with boat maintenance- I love the progress pics! we look forward to seeing the Republic flag high above the deck! Stay safe and happy sailing. All the best! C&K – C/P Relentless

    1. Hi Carol & Ken! So good to hear from you guys. I saw that Relentless raced and was wondering if ‘Kendra’ was on the crew list this year?πŸ’‹ We’ll be thinking of you guys when we fly the Republic. Good sailing to you as well!

  20. Hey Al and Tess. It is Jennifer (Haggas) Gaudon. Had lunch with Brian MacPhee yesterday and he filled me in our your adventure. I’ve heard Al talk of this for years. So happy for both of you. Hope you don’t mind me following along.

    1. Hey Jen! we are so happy you found us! Al says it’s a relief to be finally doing it instead of talking about it. We are very excited to have you come along. Cheers from all the crew!

      1. And I am very excited to be along for your journey. You are both an inspiration for setting your hearts and minds on a dream and turning it into a reality. All the best to you and the crew. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures over the next year. Keep safe and I will stay in touch. Cheers.

  21. Hey there. Nice to see you made it to Halifax. Don and I can relate to your stay in the Bras dor lakes and the Lockes, as we did that when we came down with our boat! Beautiful! Lesley and I just had to come down on our boat to get the saltwater smell in our lungs again. Not much boating this year. Oh well, always next year. Any hoo happy sailing and stay safe. Keep the blogs coming.

    1. Hey Gord! Yup, you’ll never forget the Bras d’Or once you’ve been there. Messing around on boats is fun, wherever you are. Enjoy and cheers!

  22. Hey guys, just catching up on your blog. How amazing that you are well under way! It is so exciting to read of your experiences and also a hoot looking at the pics, especially Filbert! Sounds like he has a plan of his own when you guys are on shore! 😺
    Quick up date on race week: Dynamique took the cup this year while Dora Maar took 2nd in white sail sooooooo Wayne gets the bragging rights for the next year, I don’t mind I have broad shoulders and there’s always next year! lol

    Keep sailing and having fun!

    1. Hey Carol & Wayne! Well, sounds like the score is evening up on Race week trophies. πŸ† and yes there’s always next year.

      Filly is having a ball I think. He just got out on dock w/o either of us realizing it, so there was a wee bit of panic but all is good now.


  23. AFT,
    As usual, it was coffee time to sit and read your blog. I love the fact that we are learning lots of info regarding the places you visit, as well as general knowledge, locks for example, so that’s how they work.
    Cattitude is a perfect word to describe Filbert, he’s a sneaky little bugger. His photos are adorable. You should think about setting up a camera to catch the little Arsehole pilfering the treat cupboard.
    I imagine that you will make loads of new friends on your sailing adventure.
    I think of you everyday. Carry on!

    1. Ger,

      I said exactly that about having the GoPro on and filming him when we go out next time!

      Meeting new peeps is one of the best things about this trip.

      Happy to hear you’re still enjoying.


  24. Awesome stories. Loving every detail. Keep up the good work & as always. Enjoy every second to the fullest.

  25. Hey Al and Tess,

    Don and I are in Winter Brook tonight alone after a busy month of hanging with family and friends. We are using the downtime get caught up on our favourite sailing couple! Love the blog and the pictures are awesome. We are so proud of you both.


  26. Hey Guys,
    Sorry I missed you while I was home but did see your beautiful boat.I am so proud of you guys,so many of us go through life talking about our dreams,you are living yours.I wish you smooth sailing and look forward to following your journey.Yes Tess he would be so proud……..cheers

  27. A real page turner, your last entry, esp the night time sail. There’s no way I’d be sleeping a wink, scary stuff.
    I enjoyed reading about the locals, how they come and check out the visitors, with offers to help. Newfoundlanders are dandy indeed.
    Carry on sister, star attraction, and Filly.
    Before I forget, I love the new logo, the changes you’ve made, colors and fonts, good job.

    1. Hey Ger, thanks for your feedback. The blog will change over time. I plan on changing/improving as we continue our trip. It’s as much a learning curve as everything else is on this journey.

      Yup the nighttime sailing is a different game but it’s also amazing and peaceful, if the weather is good. 🌝

  28. Hi Guys
    Just sitting here with Mr Phil and he gave me your website. Looking at the site and loving it (a little jealous). Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

    1. Hey Pudd! Nice to hear from you and thanks for messaging us. There will be many more pics to come and hopefully some videos soon! Cheers from the crew.

  29. So happy you are enjoying every moment. So many of us will live our dream through the Ingomar adventures. Love and hugs. If you are still in brad’or lakes let us know we will send a welcoming committee. Safe travels.

    1. Hi Joy & Peter! We are still in Bras d’Or lakes and it is stunning. We don’t have a lot of time to linger but will be checking out the ‘Caribbean of the North’ on our return. We’re delighted to have you along for the ride and look forward to hearing from you! Love from the crew😊

  30. Tess
    I have a feeling the crew no longer includes a reluctant cat.
    Enjoy every lop.
    We will be tuned in.

    1. Hey Bet! He’s getting more relaxed every day and is finding all kinds of spaces to sleep. Tonight he raided the treat drawer while we were on an excursion and ate 3/4 of a bag.

      I might have to change our tag line. πŸ™‚

      1. Way da go Fili!
        He’s not going to miss much in smaller quarters.
        btw the blog is very impressive.

  31. Oh Tess, this makes me think so much about Dad, he would all for what you two are doing….and he would say”they’ll be fine”….well God love ya both…stay safe…xox

  32. Been checking in on you guys. so I guess it really is real now. Not just some fun joke! Looks like you guys are about to slip off The Rock! Tell us how you’re feeling!!!

    1. Hey Leo and Joan! I know, it’s for realπŸ˜„ We are heading for St Pierre this afternoon once the seas subside. Hmm, how are we feeling? Let’s say we’re feeling like we did when we were kids on Christmas Eve. πŸ‘

  33. Hey there! Good to have this blog to follow your journey. Now I got to learn how to use a blog! Lol. I am still amazed you are doing this! Sail safe, and keep the updates coming. Gord & lesley

    1. Hey Gord! It was so great to hang out with Leslie and yourself before we left. Nothing to the blog, just bookmark us and check in every couple of days for updates. And for the record, we’re still amazed that we get to go this. Cheers!

  34. Hey guys, what an exciting adventure you are on! Wayne and I just sailed back from Bonavista Bay with the gang and it was such a blast! We were all so happy to face time last Fri to say good bye! We will all live vicariously through you guys as we sail along with you in spirit!
    I am looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing your pics!
    Sail safe and have fun!

    1. Hey Carol,

      Thanks! The face-time was so great and I wish I had captured some of it on video. Looks like you guys had a fab trip, can’t wait to see pics. And thanks for the rum, its fabulous! You’ve turned me into a rum drinker.

  35. Hey, kids! Love to watch your progress. Looks to me like you’re having the time of your lives! Still having trouble believing it and green with envy – enjoy you guys! Keep those posts coming!

  36. Enjoying the blog Tess; sailing vicariously through you will likely be our only “sailing” adventure. Take care.

    Capt & Admiral of M/V Tranquillity

  37. Wow! Exciting adventure! We’ll be following your blog:) Wishing you two fun smooth sailing

  38. Whale oil beef hooked
    Say it real fast,
    No turning back now, looking forward to reading your posts.
    Hugs to all⛡️

  39. I’ve enjoyed reading so far, and you haven’t even left yet, well actually
    You have left.
    Good luck, can’t wait to see all of the photos and info on where you are.

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