Our boat/home is S/V Ingomar, a 2006 Tartan 3700 CCR.

The CCR stands for Cruise Control Rig, meaning she has a self-tacking jib on the foredeck, so tacking is a breeze and makes her extremely easy to single-hand sail. We owned a Tartan 3500 before S/V Ingomar and came to love the comfort and solid sail she provides.

View from the top of the mast

We saw this boat in Fairport, Ohio in 2014, on a visit to the Tartan factory. Actually, we shared a bottle of wine on her and perhaps it went to our heads but we both loved this boat and kept coming back to it over time. We sold our 3500 in the summer of 2015 and did trips to Ohio and Annapolis to find a replacement but had no luck. Lady fortune however was on our side and as we were flying home from Annapolis word came that this 3700 was still on the market and were we still interested. I know it sounds silly but the first time I saw this boat, I just knew it was meant for us!

She’s a beamy boat, at 12′ 8″ and provides us with many comforts that make living aboard easy.  Her carbon fibre mast and pocket boom provides great sailing performance while the cozy interior and large cockpit offer just enough space and comfort to keep us all happy. The electric winch is indispensable and makes life so easy. Whether its hauling the dinghy on board easy, putting someone up the mast or putting up or furling a sail, the winch makes the boat suer-friendly.

S/V Ingomar
S/V Ingomar

Ingomar was the name of our Tartan 3500 that we bought in Marblehead, MA and sailed back to Newfoundland. We came to love the name and decided to keep it for our new 3700. Al read somewhere that Ingomar is the god of fertility and beauty, which he loves to tell anyone who asks, but for me it just grew on me and seems to fit.  Ingy, as I like to refer to her, is a great boat; she sails very well, is comfortable in rough conditions and is just the right size for the three of us.

LineDrawing interior