Our first month summed up

I know, no post for a week and then two in a row! That’s what living without dedicated internet and waiting for good winds means, but we’re OK with it.

Here’s a recap of our first month on board. Its been swell, we’ve learned a lot and we’re just getting going.


Cheers from The Crew of S/V Ingomar!


Author: tess

We, Al my husband, Filbert my cat and I, sailed our 37-foot Tartan to the Caribbean from Newfoundland in 2016-2017. We documented it on our blog, greatbigsail.com Today I continue to write about sailing, improve my photography skills, practice graphic design and dream about sailing.

18 thoughts on “Our first month summed up”

  1. AFT,

    Watching your video the second time was better than winning a muffin at McDonalds.
    I was smiling the whole time, as I watched it.

    1. Still laughing over that scenario! 🤗and you flatter too much! Trying to get a blog off before we go offshore. But sooo much to do. Ugh, feels like work.

  2. Hey Guys and Filbert,

    Carol and I loved the video!! We missed you in Middle Arm for the annual Cook house Cruisers award ceremony! Jason was on his game as usual with an awesome job done by the ladies auxiliary . Miss you guys..Keep having fun!
    C/P Relentless -Carol and Ken

  3. Al, you have come a long way since we last spoke in nuts and bolts section at Kents. Hope you finished up that table, great to hear you guys are doing well.

    Peter Batson

    1. Hey Peter! Thanks for the note. Yes, many great miles under the keel however I’m still working on finishing the table. But my meals have not lacked because it hasn’t been finished, I’m happy to say. Great to hear from you. Al and crew.

  4. Wow. Great job & a great video. Almost as good as being there (Almost) Keep the updates coming as you have more followers now than the Blue Jays. Happy sailing ⛵

  5. Ha Jacs comment was funny, esp, Filbert, being the lucky bastard.
    I watched again with Ray, the introduction is fabulous, the maps informative, and you and Al planning made me realize that your plans change daily, or monthly.

  6. Loverly video, I felt like I was with you but on the comfort of my couch. You should, (when you rejoin the rest of us son of bitches in the working world), narrate videos. You have a lovely calming voice, which is so nice to hear again after a month. I’m really impressed with how you have documented your adventure. See this is why I don’t have cable TV, I knew eventually someone would create something I actually enjoy watching. Your video productions will be my replacement for Downton Abbey. Ingomar is the Abbey, Filbert is Branson (a lucky bastard who lucked into a great ride), you and Alley cat possess the lovely sensibilities of Carson and Misses Hughes and the beauty and joie de vivre of Mary and Mathew. Xxoo from me and my familiar!

  7. Bravo Tess, well worth the wait.
    While it’s obvious that Captain Al has been busy with ship maintenance, first mate, Tess, has put in oodles of hrs keeping us up to date on your adventure. My compliments to you, sister, a job well done. Looking forward to the next update.
    Carry on. Love you.

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