Discovering the World Under Our Keel

One of the best things about our year sailing to the Caribbean is being able to swim all the time. The water is always warm and welcoming. This video is about our love of the water, and the amazing world that lies under the surface.

PS: for best quality you should select the HD setting on the video (the little gear in the controls at the bottom of the video).

Author: tess

We, Al my husband, Filbert my cat and I, sailed our 37-foot Tartan to the Caribbean from Newfoundland in 2016-2017. We documented it on our blog, Today I continue to write about sailing, improve my photography skills, practice graphic design and dream about sailing.

8 thoughts on “Discovering the World Under Our Keel”

  1. Al and Tess: Totally amazed by underwater environment – the variety of species is unbelievable and fantastic – so colourful. This is happiness and tranquility for sure – your taking advantage of this spectular adventure is totally awesome. Love following your life on the water. Take care and God Bless!

    1. Hi Carm! The colours are fabulous and unexpected, such a wonderful surprise. The clarity was amazing too. Such a lovely part of our world. 🙂

  2. Oh so beautiful & peaceful Tess.
    A far contrast from the view we have this morning. Pack sea ice as far as the eye can see & stretched as far as St. Anthony coast line.

  3. AFT,

    WOW, WOW,and WOW!

    Congratulations on your first underwater production, it was brilliant sister. Each and every unique underwater creature is a marvel, that you actually experienced.

    There are no limits to your talents.
    Loved the tune at the end

    Love from NL

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