Lesson Learned – Grenada

The sail drive in our boat is kaput. We have already replaced the bottom and top seals in St Martin and now it seems the cone clutch is failing. The boat has little or no forward gear, reverse is fine. and so we return to Grenada.

The Waiting Game

Day 1- After putting the hook down in Prickly Bay, we head into the closest marina and ask them to provide a quote for a fix. We also ask ANRO, the dealer for Yanmar in these parts to provide a quote. Meanwhile we wait, hoping our stay will not be longer then a week.

To pass the time we keep busy at odd jobs; we clean the boat and Al installs a second Raymarine chart plotter at the navigation station. It will be convenient in poor weather.

Day 2 and we still have no quote. So we go grocery shopping with Paul, who took us on our island tour. We also get to try a soursop smoothie while shopping. It was worth coming back to Grenada for that alone! I also find kitty food at the grocery store in Grenada and buy a bunch as Filly is close to running out. I thought we had enough but I think we’ve been over feeding him. Filbert is used to a pretty good quality food and unfortunately, turns his nose and tail up at the recently purchased fare.

Prickly Bay Marina
Cruiser Al
Two gulls, two megas
St George Town Centre
Mast view
Cool Bar Wall using recycling for inspiration

Day 3 – we finally get a quote from ANRO. The marina has yet to come back with anything so we order the parts through ANRO, hoping to get them before the weekend and be under way on Friday.

That night as we are sitting downstairs reading we hear peals of laughter just outside our boat. There are two men fishing in a small skiff just off our stern with headlamps, having a wonderful time it seems. Their laughter fills the warm night air as they slowly drift through the mooring field catching small silver fish from their hand lines.

Day 4 – On Thursday, we head into customs and renew our stay for another month just in case the parts do not make it in time. And as expected, we get word that the package in Puerto Rico and will not clear customs before the weekend. This is somewhat expected and we don’t stress about it. Instead we make plans for the weekend.

Kicking Back

Day 4 – The best way to celebrate a delay is with happy hour and a dinner. We try our first pina coloda since coming here. Neither of us gravitate towards fruity drinks but its delicious cause its made with real coconut and pineapple.

Day 5 – Saturday just happens to be my birthday and we decide the perfect way to celebrate is another hash. Hash #973 is staged on the south coast of the island. We get a taxi bus over with a bunch of other cruisers. When we arrive, its crowded, colourful and loud, typical Grenadian fun. The music is blaring – they really like their music loud here. This hash starts with a zumba session getting all the participants warned up. The trail is much longer than the previous one we participated in, 7 miles and we run most of it. The first mile is along the beach and we get pretty wet from the ocean surf. Eventually the trail becomes hilly with great views of the area. I get ahead of Al but make several wrong turns, and he ends up getting in at least an hour ahead of me. Once at the finish line there are cold beers, BBQ and oil down. Theres also the typical shenanigans that happens at Hash events. I swore Al not to tell anyone it was my birthday. One guy, who had told it was his birthday, was covered in flour, cream, and eggs. What a mess.

Our taxi driver, who also participated in the hash, must have forgotten about us and drove away without letting us know. We weren’t sure how to get back to the marina but two very sweet locals told us to tag along with them and after a couple of transfers we were back at the marina. We grabbed a pizza and went back on board. A great birthday!

Local Wildlife while walking in search of lunch
St George buildings
Caribbean Beer is good
A clean Ingomar
“Sorry, but I ain’t eating that!”
Birthday Hash Boy
Hash View
Hash View 2

Day 6 – The next day we could really feel our legs because we have not been running much but it felt great. We spend the day lazing around on the boat, swimming, playing guitar and reading. It turns out waiting is not so bad after all.

All Systems GO

Day 7 – On Monday I head out to find some suitable kitty food for Filbert. Although he’s not too picky, he is not willing to settle for anything. I return to the grocery store and this time find something more suitable to his tastes. I also take this opportunity to try another soursop smoothie. While I was out, Al got word that our parts are here and the service guys need to come and remove the old cone clutch which they do while I’m out shopping.

Day 8 – The next day I head into shore and do laundry while the guys return to install the new clutch. Everything goes smoothly, and it works. We now have forward again and all systems go!

Day 9 – Early the next day, with provisions, clean laundry, cat food and a fully functioning saildrive, we haul anchor and say good bye to Grenada, for the second time. We do an overnighter in Carricau before heading for the Tobago Cays.

Lesson Learned

We’re pleased that the sail drive is working and didn’t take too long. Nothing comes fast in the islands and expecting a quick turnaround on anything is just setting your sights high enough to have them subsequently shattered. Ordering parts can take time depending on where they have to come from and the shipping methods. There’s no point in stressing about it, so we’ve learned to go with the flow and have a good time while you’re waiting for things to transpire.

Fig bananas, local lemon, christophene, banana, soursop
“Please, no flash – I’m Sleeping”
Pina (Yummy) Colada
Early Morning Workout on deck
Early morning Brekkie – mango and pomegranate with lime and mint
Happy hour feed
Hanging out in Grenada
The Macgyver Fix
Love these trees!
Soursop Smoothie
Chilling’ Filbert style

Author: tess

We, Al my husband, Filbert my cat and I, sailed our 37-foot Tartan to the Caribbean from Newfoundland in 2016-2017. We documented it on our blog, greatbigsail.com Today I continue to write about sailing, improve my photography skills, practice graphic design and dream about sailing.

10 thoughts on “Lesson Learned – Grenada”

  1. AFT,

    Greetings from sunny Manitoba!

    There’s no place like home, except if you’re sailing the Caribbean.
    I’d say that getting Filbert a delectable cat food was as important as getting Ingomar in shipshape condition.

    What a fabulous way to spend your 49th birthday!!

    I’m suffering jet lag, so short reply.

    Stay safe, love you sister

  2. Happy Birthday to you as well Tess. Sounds like you had an amazing day. I am a real foodie and totally love the food pics you post. Would love to get some recipes from you when you get home. I am going to try to mimic your “happy hour feed” at my next social gathering. Take care and safe travels.

    1. Hey Jen! Thanks for the bday wishes and the same to you! I will definitely be happy to share any recipes and have been preparing a post along that lines for when I return. All the best!

  3. Day 116..April 26…freezing rain, temps should reach +6 by midday. That.is.it!

    As always ❤️ From me and the familiar!

    1. Hey Jac! Well that sucks but NL Spring can always be a bit tangly. I am hoping for a stellar spring and summer because we are going to freeze sailing back. Sounds like one crazy winter. Stay warm!

  4. Sucky news about the sail drive but your positive attitude let you enjoy your extra time in Grenada and from your pictures and blog that is not a bad thing, it looks beautiful there. The Hash sounds like it was a lot of fun, I love the name it always makes me laugh. Your pictures of Filbert are priceless, especially the one where he doesn’t like his food option, although, I think his language might include a few profanities while telling you of his disgust.
    Safe travels, love you guys.

    1. Hey Glo! Things are always breaking on boats and every cruiser we meet has a similar story. Boats and salt water lead to repairs and its all how you handle it. The hash (the name makes me laugh too) is great and you’d love it. Love you!

  5. Great stories of both enjoyable & trying times. Sounds like you folks handled everything as true sailors & are truly enjoying your adventures. Keep the amazing updates coming & have a safe & enjoyable trip back to NL.

    1. Hi Ted! Hey as a boat owner you know what its like. No matter the age or the brand, eventually you have to make repairs. We’re just happy this one went so smoothly. Cheers!

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