Al and I have always loved the water and learning to sail was something we always thought about.

Al, a bayman from Trinity Bay, has been around boats his entire life, and owned his first rodney at the tender age of 7. A former power boater, he actually built his own 45-foot power boat and cruised it to Alaska and back from Vancouver, British Columbia. But he quickly came around to the windward ways when he found himself back in windswept Newfoundland. Al will be Captain, mechanic and general fixer-upper of all things that break (which is often on a boat).









I am also a baygirl but hail from that far greater bay, Placentia Bay. Like Al, I grew up on the water and considered the ocean an extension of my playground. If you ask my Mom, she will tell you that I always wanted a sailboat. My primary roles will be chef, techy-on-board and to follow around and clean up after Al as he fixes things.

SailorTess tessProfilletessBow







Our fur-mate, Filbert, didn’t necessarily share the same dream as we did, but seeing we were willing to pack a boatload of his favourite food and commit to daily cuddles and play sessions, Filbert willingly jumped aboard. His role is generally to make us happy and get the most likes on Instagram.

FillyRedCarrot IMG_2250 IMG_2872






It wasn’t until we came together as a couple in 2005, that we managed to acquire a sailboat and made the transition from wanna-be sailor to the real thing.

In 2002, we bought our first boat, a 24-foot 1974 C&C and jumped aboard, green and keen. We quickly came to realize that our dreams were well founded and a love and passion for sailing was deeply instilled in both of us. Since then, we’ve owned four boats, but our Tartan 3700 CCR, Ingomar (dare we say it) is the one.

Our roles could change over the course of our great big sail, and that is something this journey is all about for us. The journey from Newfoundland to who-knows-where will be chronicled on this site and while our compass bearing is southerly , we have not clearly defined a set destination, which suits all aboard.

“I’m on my way but I don’t know where I’m going”

Paul Simon.